Ceiling Repair

Ceilings help shield us from all kinds of different bombardments that the world may throw at our homes. They go through countless different stressors, weakening their integrity, and causing different types of damage to their structure. From holding the weight of whatever may lie above, they are worn down, and, if not maintained properly, it can result in devastating ceiling problems.

So if you are having any problems with your ceiling, it’s important to let a certified, trustworthy team take a look and repair the damage. Arrowood’s Drywall Service provides the following services to wall or ceiling damages:

  • Complete ceiling repair and respray
  • Smooth finishes on walls and ceilings
  • Popcorn or spray texture walls and ceilings
  • Orange peel ceiling application
  • Tape joints on walls or ceilings from age or stress (does not do removals)

Remember, your ceiling is the only wall in your entire home that is always 100% visible. Keep it in great looking shape and it will do the same for you. Call Arrowood’s Drywall Service for ceiling repair experts that get the job done right. You can reach us at (704) 557-5988. We service all of Charlotte, NC!

Remember, we do any drywall work. Get in touch today!

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